Friday 18 July 2014

Hospital visit again #Down Syndrome

Elias has been in the hospital for 5 days in the last week.
I am glad that it is not because he is sick.
Even though, it started because he is sick
that is why he couldn't eat enough. He was too tired.

Right now the doctor is monitoring him to make sure that he is gaining his weight. He did good
on the second day. He gained about 100 gram which is really good! But on the next day, he lost
pretty much all of it which cause us to stay here a little longer. In the last 2 days, our doctor
happy with what he gained. Elias gained about 45 gram a day.

We are on the feeding plan now. I have to feed him every 3 hours. I really want him to stay on my
milk only. Personally, I don't want him to drink formula but we have to add some formula in my milk to help Elias to gain weight. Our doctor still have me pump my milk
every 3 hours. I still breast feed him but have to alter with bottle feed him every 3 hours.
He still drink my milk from the bottle but have to fortify with 1 and a half tea spoon of formula
for every 58 ml of my milk.

His weight at this age, he should be taking a minimum 70 ml bottle at a time. They prefer him to take
85 ml but we have been trying for the last few days, doesn't seem like he can make it 85 ml
at a time.

By fortify my milk with formula will help him to gain more calories by drinking at the same amount
of my milk. This help him to be able to gain weight easier for him to get him ready for the surgery
that is coming on July 30th. So far he is doing ok.

I have to say though that the doctor and nurses here in Abbotsford hospital are really nice.
Elias got a very good pediatrician that really care about him. He loves her as well. I can tell
by every morning when she came, he looks very happy and try to talk to her.

Most of the nurses here as well, they are so nice, kind and helpful. I feel that we are in good
hands here. They make a hospital stay enjoyable! Thank you so much.


  1. Oh, I hope he starts gaining more weight soon, and that you won't have to be at the hospital for a lot more time.

    1. We still have to monitor him. So far he gained only 40 grams since we left the hospital and it is about a week already. Hope we don't have to put the tube down for him. The surgery date seems so far...

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