Tuesday 8 July 2014

Elias at 3 months and the heart surgery that is coming up. #Down Syndrome journey

Elias just turned 3 months. It has been a wonderful experience with him so far. He is adorable. I do think sometimes that it would be nice if he doesn't have Down Syndrome. But his smile just melt my heart.

Elias definitely smile a lot more than my daughter at the same age. Not only that, he is very talkative. Everyday, we can just have a conversation with him.

We got a visit from Physio therapist for the first time. We found that his neck is not really strong yet compare to the other babies. We have to try to encourage him to hold his neck more. In order to do that, we put him down on his tummy. I have lie on the floor on my tummy as well trying to shake his toys and get his attention. If I am lucky enough, he will look up. Oh, and she recommended me that I should help him by put a roll towel under his arm. This will help him to lift up his head easier.

Then I have to try to help him sit. I have to make sure that I am behind him and hold him in case he just want to give up which is usually less than a minute after I sit him up.

We have to give him a break when he breath harder. Then do it again and again and again. Our physio said that we should try as many times as we can before the surgery. He will be really wipe out after the surgery and could be behind again.

So far, I think he can hold his neck a little longer. But he also seems to be more tired. Sometimes he is just lie on the floor and not really moving. I called the doctor and asked if this is something that we have to bring him in. Sure enough, in the afternoon, we saw our doctor and the next day we have to go to Children hospital in Vancouver. There is nothing too serious. His heart is definitely working harder than before. We got some medication for him since that day.

I really don't like giving him medication. I feel bad about giving something that could have give him some side effect that I am afraid it could cause him any more issues. I am glad that his surgery is coming up the end of this month and after that, I hope, this medication won't be for him anymore.

Even though  we have to experience all this together but we love him to bits. I sometimes feel just like he is just a baby. I mean like the other baby, drink, smile, poop and pee and sleep oh and cry. I don't feel worry or scare like when I was pregnant with him. In fact, I am excited to see what his future will be like. There is potential in him! :)


  1. Every baby is a gift from God.
    I'll pray that everything goes well with the surgery.
    He's adorable.

  2. He is adorable and I hope everything goes well with his surgery. (Judy Cowan)

  3. Wishing you all the best as enjoy your beautiful baby and work so hard to help him. He is fortunate to have you for his mother.


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