Friday, 26 July 2013

My Friend Rabbit book review

One of my favorite book for children is "My friend Rabbit" from Roaring Brook Press. Written and illustrated by Eric Rohmann. Published in 2002, the book is a lighthearted tale about the friendship between a mouse and a rabbit. This book teach my daughter in patience and loyalty. I really like the story in this book.

When Mouse's airplane gets stuck in a tree, Rabbit enlists the help of all the neighborhood animals to help get it out. It is very funny. I like how the Mouse act on each page. Sometimes it is just like "Oh, no!".

Summary from the book says: Something always seems to go wrong when Rabbit is around, but Mouse lets him play with his toy plane anyway because he is a good friend.

My new favorite verse: "Not to worry, Mouse, I've got an idea." lol

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