Sunday 30 September 2012

What is punchtab? Help you earn your free stuffs.

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Would you like to be added to the affiliate links or know of another blog or website to be added? This is a free add on for all blogs but business or organization it is a $5.00 a week charge for this to be posted on the 20+ blogs currently participating. 

We all love free stuff RITE? Well how would you like to get free gift cards for visiting websites? I don’t know if you noticed, but I have a loyalty program here on my blog. There are a lot of affiliate blogs and websites that uses it too. It's called punchtab. What is punchtab? Punchtab is when you visits theses blogs or sites  they give you points by tweeting, liking and even recommending theses sites to your different media outlets to get free gift cards.

  • $10 Barnes & Noble eGift Card
  • $25 eGift Card
  • Groupon $15 eGift Card
  •  $5 Starbucks eGift Card

This is how it works: 

There are a list of actions that you can complete in order to earn points. Each action is worth 100 points.
So you can get up to 100 points for each action daily.

Each day, do the following actions:
  1. Visit = 100
  2. Tweet the home page from the black bar at the bottom = 100
  3. Pick a post. (See the tabs at the top of the page; Giveaways, Product Reviews, etc.)
  4.  Comment on the post. = 100
  5. Look at he black bar at the bottom of the page. See the three buttons? (Tweet, G+1, Like). Click all three and the post will be shared on the three different social mediums. = 300
  6. Pick another post; comment and click all three buttons = 400
 Total = 700 pts.

Learn how to Gain more 
In only 13 days you can have a Starbucks Gift Card!
(Do these actions for 22 days for a Barnes & Noble Gift Card, 29 Days for Groupon, and 43 days for


See It Pays To Visit My Site!

You can earn one each of the following gift cards listed above. From each of the sites listed below:
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rjay's FreebiesMommy Lesson Plans
Savior CentsMy PhotoPunchTab:BlogSnag Free Samples

My PhotoAllThingsAbbyMOHTH

Premier Online Technology Network

Guide2Free Samples 

Rjay's Freebies nor (Learn to be a Mom) DOES NOT ENDORES THE CONTENT OF ALL BLOGS! We are only letting you know that theses blogs/websites endorses the punchtab add-on and you can earn Gift cards through them. Rjay's Freebies may have received compensation to list websites on this listing. However no other blog or website received compensation to list the above blogs. 

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