Friday 27 July 2012

Colour & Dirt Collector Sheets review

I got a sample of Colour & Dirt Collector Sheets from Dr. Beckman to try.
This product is really helpful for me to wash any colors together without separating the dark and the light colors.
I am usually a bit lazy and wash all my colors of my clothes together without thinking. After I took them out from the dryer, I have to ask myself "why did I do this again!"

With this product, I can wash any color together without separating them.
I like this because it allows me to get the job done in one wash.

With my white clothes I usually have them in the laundry basket for a month or more until I collect enough of them to wash. In between that time, I will have to wear a lot of white so I can do a load. I feel silly doing that but that's how it is.

I put this sheet with my husband's black jeans and my daughter's white bib.

This is how the sheet looks like after the wash.

And my clothes still have their own colors.


If you want to know more about this product, please visit the website. :)
Happy washing everyone!

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